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UTI-Stat® is a concentrated liquid medical food with cranberry, vitamin C, D-Mannose, FOS, and bromelain that is specially formulated for the management of urinary tract infections.

  • Clinically shown in two studies to manage urinary tract infections (UTIs)1,2
  • Low in Sugar
  • A proprietary protection complex of 5 key ingredients including cranberry in 1 fl oz serving:

1 As part of the dietary management of urinary tract infections, 91 % of residents given 2-2.5 fl oz of UTI Stat/d for 3 months remained free of UTIs and had a significant improvement in quality of life. Efros, et al. Urology. 2010;76(4):841-5.2 As part of the dietary management of urinary tract infections, 92% of residents given 2 fl oz of UTI-Stat for 3 months remained free of UTIs. Posthauer M.The Director. 2008;16:13-16. 3 Wang C, et al.Arch Intern Med . 2012;172(13):988-996. 4 Ofek I, et al. Scand J Infect Dis Suppl. 1982;33:61-7. 5 Carlsson S, et al.Nitric Oxide-Biol Ch. 2001;5(6):580-6.6 Cummings et al.Am J Clin Nutr. 2001;73(2):415s-420s. 7 Mori S, et al. Acta Obstetrica Et Gynaecologica Japonica.1972;19(3):147-53.

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